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Odyssey AudioWorks™ encounters interesting work by many visually-impaired artists, so we want to share some of those unusual and original finds with you here on our Guests links page.

Snowman Radio Show Archive with Jim Snowbarger

Snowman Radio with Jim Snowbarger - image

From 1999-2001, V I radio commercial and entertainment talent and sound engineer, Jim Snowbarger, scripted, voiced, and produced his weekly Snowman Radio Show for, then for Now you can enjoy this very creative soul's wild, whimsicle, occasionally wayward wit by listening to archived shows. Just seek out the Listen Now link below each show's description. To get you started, click to hear an hilarious crowd source soundbyte in which Jim does all the voices! (Rated PG for occasional mild language.)

The Cultural Workers Band

The Cultural Workers Band from Accra, Ghana

Boaten-Kodua Akyeampong, an actor in Odyssey AudioWorks™ and other productions, also leads this talented group of composer-performers from around Accra, Ghana. Check out some musical tracks from the band below:

Akurakronkron | Krohinko | Obaahemaa