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Odyssey AudioWorks™ currently has the following productions in progress and listed below. Click the active links next to each production to learn about auditions and to get more information.

My Saving Grace - The story of, Jamie, a young man coming to terms with the fact that he is very slowly losing all vision and one day may be blind. Casting Call - Audition Sides - Forms

Other Audio Theater Audition Sites

We feature on this page a selection of audition and casting sites for information only. Some are only audio theater and some serve other media. We have used some of these sites. They seek mostly volunteer talent but may also occasionally promote paid gigs. Several sites have free audition and casting interaction, while others may involve fees. So, be bold when you visit, but pay attention to each site's audition and casting approach and how it might work for you. "Break a leg!"

Audio Drama Talk Forums

Seek the Casting Calls forum link. Also, following this forum on Twitter, @vocasting (at-sign v o casting).

Audio Auditions Yahoo! Group

First time, visit the site and seek Join Group and do the paperwork <yawn>. Then visit often and sign in to browse the auditions and casting messages.

Vocal Loco Forums

Seek the text, "Up and Coming", followed by the Casting link, then the Auditions link. From Casting you might also check out the Help Wanted link where producers want help for non-acting talent, such as audio editing or musical scoring.

Behind the Voice Actors

Seek Casting Call link.

Voice Acting Alliance

Seek the Forum link, then the Voice Acting title link, and, finally, the Auditions and Casting link.