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My Saving Grace Previews on Radio Drama Revival

AUSTIN, TEXAS (Feb. 10, 2012) - Odyssey AudioWorks™ second prototype production, a consolidated preview scene taken from visually-impaired playwright Josh Price's My Saving Grace, premiered Feb. 10, 2012 on the weekly Radio Drama Revival podcast, Episode 265. Featuring a cast about half sighted and half visually-impaired, the brief audio theater piece dramatizes the initial days wherein Price's semi-autobiographical protagonist, Jamie Evers, first realizes and copes with the gradual onset of Retinitus Pigmentosa, an eye disease leading eventually to blindness. This second O. A. audio theater effort demonstrated that O. A. could successfully realize a production with much more collaboration than before. O. A. co-founder Richard Summers announced after the premier that the initiative will now move to produce My Saving Grace as a full-length audio theater dramatic feature.

Odyssey AudioWorks™ networks visually-impaired and sighted individuals in audio theater skills development and direct, collaborative production. Contact either Richard Summers, or Tanja Milojevic at Web Site: