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The Right Tool Previews on Radio Drama Revival

AUSTIN, TEXAS (Feb. 3, 2012) - Odyssey AudioWorks™ first prototype audio theater production, The Right Tool, premiered Feb. 3, 2012 on the weekly Radio Drama Revival podcast, Episode 264. Featuring the acting of O.A. co-founders Tanja Milojevic (visually-impaired) and Richard Summers (sighted), the brief audio theater piece scripted by Summers anecdotally and humorously recounts a discrete neighbor's intervention with a relatively clueless house-sitter in the snow-driven outskirts of Alfred, Maine. This, the very first O. A. audio theater effort, attempted to demonstrate how O. A. talent can produce material successfully though online collaboration.

Odyssey AudioWorks™ networks visually-impaired and sighted individuals in audio theater skills development and direct, collaborative production. Contact either Richard Summers, or Tanja Milojevic at Web Site: